Nothing of real interest happened today…only joking, of course it did – I wouldn’t be me if I wasn’t causing a bit of drama!

So we left our lovely bamboo Tree Top Guest-house and headed to our next destination, Kampot, by bus. We arrived at the lovely Champeysor Guesthouse. The door was opened for us and in we went. The signs were looking good. Marble flooring, everywhere was clean and there was a man behind the counter with a big smile greeting us. He started talking to us and his English was really good. He asked for our checking in details so I showed him my phone. Everything was going great. “Mr Reeve, can I please see your passport?”

January 2014 - 20 - 17



I looked at Stef. She could see the look on my face. I’d only gone and bloody left both of our passports, driving licenses and the remainder of our dollars back at the Tree House! I’d left it all under the bed for safe keeping (obviously burglars don’t look there). I didn’t panic. Much.

Now, we’ve made some very long journeys these past few months, the longest being 7 hours. Luckily, this was only the next town and it was only a 30-minute bus journey. What would it have been like if it would have been the 3 day train journey we would be doing in a few weeks! The man could see my state and asked if he can phone the hotel. This made me a bit happier as I told him about the Tree Top Guesthouse. He smiled back at me.

He told me he knows it – it was his last place of employment! He picked up the phone, entered the number from memory and chatted to the person on the other end like they were his best friend. I was just about to get ready for the short, yet boring journey back when he told me that someone would bring it by motorbike.

It appeared about an hour later. All intact. I love Cambodians – they will do anything to make you happy. I just love this country!

The steel bridge in Kampot

So, with my luck restored, we made our way to the river and went into the one of the more Western looking restaurants for dinner. Stef ordered a steak and I ordered a Kampot Pizza. 30 minutes of waiting, a waitress appeared to tell me that they did not have any Kampot peppers so they couldn’t make the pizza! I then ordered another pizza (one which she said they could do) and Stef and I carried on drinking and chatting. I ordered a Happy Pizza. Apparently, in Cambodia, Marijuana is illegal to smoke. However, it is legal to cook with. Any food with the word “Happy” in front of it lets you know what’s in it!

Well a whole hour later, so that’s an hour and a half in total, she came back with the smallest pizza. No steak. Apparently in all the confusion, it had been forgotten. To top it off, it wasn’t even a Happy version but what did I expect when I’d already forgotten the passports!

Having a fruity drink in Kampot Cambodia

I shared my pizza with Stef and we went back to the guesthouse. In keeping with the whole lucky theme of the day, I spent that night and the whole of the next 48 hours pebble dashing the toilet. I didn’t have a good time (neither did Stef’s nose) and we had to cancel the trip we had planned for the next day.

Kampot was such a sleepy little town, however, I saw more of our bathroom than of the town.

Stef is still in the lead in the Sickness League, 4-2.

A giant Durian fruit statue in Kampot