After our weekend away that turned into a bit of a disaster, we decided to go away again. This time to Ko Phi Phi – a small island near Phuket. This time it was a lot shorter journey with just a half hour mini bus ride to the ferry port and then about 2 hours on the ferry to the island. It was a calm sea with some lovely views of neighbouring islands.

horse mask on the ferry

Once we arrived on the island we needed to find the guest-house we were staying in. This sounds like it should’ve been easy but Phi Phi Island has no roads, with no transport so this is a lot easier said than done. We had looked at a map before we left so we had a rough idea, just keep walking straight ahead and we should find it. So, we walked straight ahead for probably no more than 10 minutes and where did we end up? On a beach! That was the width of the island – we’d walked from one side to the another in 10 minutes. The beach was amazing, even more so than our beach in Ko Pha-ngan, which we didn’t think was possible. We couldn’t wait to find our guest-house, get changed and come back to enjoy it.

We found another map by the beach and tried to figure it out but it wasn’t easy, so we just started walking. In the end we had to ask at an Internet café if they knew where the guesthouse was and luckily, (probably because the island is so small) they were able to point us in the right direction. Within minutes we had arrived, got checked in, changed into our swimming gear and headed for the beach. We quickly decided that we wanted to hire some kayaks and take a trip out on the sea. We could see a secluded beach somewhere in the distance so decided to head there and have a beach all to ourselves.

The perfect sea of Phi Phi

The sea was really clear and you could see right down to some coral below where there were fish swimming around. Me being the professional rower, made it to the beach in no time (after about half an hour!) but Barry just couldn’t keep up and was slacking behind. When he eventually made it to the beach, we took a wander round. There were dozens of tiny white crabs running around on the sand, along with loads of tiny hermit crabs. Apart from that it was just the sand and us!

Panoramic view of the private beach on Phi Phi

After taking this all in for a while, we jumped back in the kayaks and continued to row round the island. We saw some beautiful sights with some limestone cliffs and huge rocks coming out of the sea. We had only hired the kayaks for an hour, but it was nearly passed that and we still had to row back so we decided we’d just keep going and pay for the additional hour when we returned. It was just too beautiful to turn back – plus rowing is exhausting and it would take a good half hour and we were too knackered to do it with any speed!

Eventually we had to return, but we were safe in the knowledge that once again we had found paradise!