As it was our last night in Siem Reap, Barry and I decided to go for a walk through the night market. We didn’t really expect to find anything different to what we had seen previously – t-shirts, scarves, paintings of the temples, wooden Buddha’s etc., but felt we had to go and see what was going on down there. We had what would be deemed a normal dinner – Cambodian Beef Steaks with fries, washed down with some cheap Cambodian beer and then took a stroll round.

Just as we were heading back through the last section of market, I took a look to my right where there was a small street vendor stall. I had to take a second look as I wasn’t sure I’d seen right. But I had, and there, waiting to be eaten were snakes on sticks and tarantulas. Really, I should know better than to point this stuff out to Barry, but I couldn’t stop myself and before I knew it, he’d purchased one snake and one spider. Eating spiders in Cambodia is the thing to do – it has to be done!

With our treats in a bag we took them back to our hotel room to eat. Strangely enough the spider tasted like deep fried fish and the snake tasted like chicken – I’ll have to take Barry’s word on the snake, as I just couldn’t bring myself to try to it!