Today we visited Rabbit Island. This meant getting another boat. I hate boats now as they have given us nothing but problems. I wasn’t looking forward to it at all, although it was only a 30-minute journey. Our driver picked us up and took us to the pier where once again, it was organised chaos. There were about 5 little boats and what seemed like hundreds of people. No one knew what boat they were getting on and the Cambodian drivers seemed to all be having fun and games with each other! As we are now professionals at this, we stood back and waited. You could tell the people that were new to this. The panic and worry in their eyes gave the game away. After a while, mine and Stef’s boat turned up and our driver called us over. We got on the boat and some twat decided to jump from the pier straight onto it. The whole boat shook and everyone looked. He must have thought he was so cool but being told by the driver that it was not his boat soon made him a mug. I wanted to shout at him “ahhhhhhh you mug, get off” but I’m mature and rose above the urge. His partner didn’t look too impressed with him though.

Our boat set off with about ten people on and the journey was quite pleasant. We moored up on Rabbit Island and we jumped off the boat onto the sand like soldiers going into battle. Now there was only two reasons that the island is called what it is. It’s either full of rabbits OR the shape of it resembles a rabbit. It was neither. But it was a nice place. It had clear sea and soft sand.

It was possible to walk around the island, as it was only a 6km walk and so took us just 2 hours. It consisted of a few little jungle treks and strolls on some really nice beaches. We even saw a starfish trying to escape the sea. I made Stef walk in front of me whilst trekking. I tend not to look where I am going so if I see Stef duck, I know to do the same. I did however, have to battle with the branches that she moved out of her way and then let flick back in my direction. Letting her walk in front also gave me the opportunity to throw big rocks into bushes nearby to scare the life out of her. I did it twice before she clocked it was me. Classic.

We sat down at one of the many beachside restaurants and once again, for the second day in a row, ordered some seafood. We ordered a big plate of crabs and another of shrimp, both to share. The sea was a few metres in front of us and it was really relaxing just watching the small waves crash down. A few minutes after ordering, a young lad waded into the sea, pulled up a crab cage and started pulling live crabs out of it. I’ve never had dinner that fresh. A short while later, the crabs and shrimps arrived and like always, enough rice to feed Africa. There was so much food but we managed to scoff it down. It was very cheap at about £6 for both.

With 2 hours to kill, we sat in some hammocks. I’ve always wanted to chill in a hammock supported by two palm trees on a beach. Mission completed.

Barry chilling in a hammock

The sun was too much and we moved to some that were in the shade. I fell asleep as it was just so nice. I think Stef did too but not as long as me as she had time to take pictures of me sleeping. Bit weird. I didn’t find out until I downloaded the day’s photos from the camera!

Barry asleep in a hammock

Everyone was told to be on their boat at 4pm. As this was the last set of boats to leave the island, we were not going to miss this. We found our boat and got on. The same people that got on originally were all there. However, as we were the last boat off the island, there were loads of other people trying to get on. They were either too dumb to remember the single number of their boat, or they wanted an extra 5 minutes on an island with only restaurants and massage booths. Of course the mug that jumped on the boat at the pier had to be one of them. Typical. The boat was seriously crammed. I didn’t think it was going to make it. I took a picture for insurance purposes. The driver didn’t seem to mind.


It made it back to the pier and managed to get home in time for the setting of the sun.