After Phnom Penh, our next stop was Kep – a small beach side town with a population of just 4000 people. We booked a bus with our hotel and set off at 9am. It was a relatively stress free journey, unlike our journey to Phnom Penh where our tire blew out on the mini bus!

We arrived in Kep sometime between 1-2 and realised just what a small town it was. The bus station where we stopped was just a patch of land, surrounded by a few bars, restaurants and guesthouses, right opposite the beach. And that was it. Like everywhere else in Cambodia, we were met by dozens of tuk tuk drivers asking to take you to your hotel. So naturally we grabbed one and he took us to our guesthouse – Tree Top. Although it wasn’t an actual tree house that we were staying in, the reception was built amongst the trees and our lodgings for the next two nights, was a small bamboo hut, just about big enough to home a double bed, with a little brick building tacked onto the side housing a shower, sink and toilet.

Our tree top cabin, Kep

We checked in, dumped our stuff and decided to go for a walk. Just down from our guesthouse was Crab Market, so we headed towards there. As a seaside town they specialise in seafood so the market was filled with fish, along with fruit, drinks and a load of tat! We took a brief look round but quickly moved on, as it was pretty smelly and filled with flies. As we continued to walk down the seafront, there were dozens of restaurants. Barry being Barry just kept on walking ignoring all the places that were filled with people and chose the one with no one in. Turned out that this would be a good thing as our food appeared very quickly. As this town is known for it’s crab, I decided to order just that with spices and Barry ordered a seafood BBQ. When our dinner arrived, it was amazing. The seafood BBQ was huge – a whole fish, a crab, 3 shrimp and a whole squid. For mine I had not just one, but 3 whole crabs. Barry’s was the equivalent of £6 and mine was £2.50! It was delicious and we ate the lot whilst sitting over looking the sea and a lonely fisherman trying to catch some fish with a net.

After filling ourselves up on seafood, we decided to continue our walk down the sea front. We’d been walking for about 15 minutes, when we bumped into some monkeys – as you do. They were just playing around in the street. We continued on until we reached Kep Beach – where they ship in white sand to make it the perfect beach. We took a little paddle in the sea – it would be rude not to and continued on. We passed a few statues, including the naked fisherman’s wife and the blue crab, which welcomes you to Kep.

And that was it – within a couple of hours we’d walked our way round Kep, had the most delicious seafood meal and found our way back to our bamboo hut, for a night of sleeping under a mosquito net!