Today was a relaxing day. Every street we walked down was filled with massage parlours and spas, with every other having a fish spa. Neither Stef nor I have had this sort of treatment before and after nagging Stef to do this for ages, she finally gave in. But first things first (or should I say thirst?) – time for some 11am drinking. We found a lovely little bar on the “strip” which sold the local beer for only 35 cents (20p) a glass! Straight of the mark, I ordered a whole jug – why not, I’m on holiday! Stef relaxed with her favourite cocktail, the Bloody Mary. We sat there for a while, drinking our drinks watching the World go by in the 30 degree heat. The local beer was a LOT stronger than I thought it would be and I was slightly tipsy upon leaving! Having only paid $7 to get smashed, we stumbled out with smiles on our face!

We headed back to the hotel where we chilled around the pool for a while to sober up! A couple of hours later, after sweating in the sun, we made our way to the spar. For those that don’t know what a massaging fish spa is, you put your feet (or in some places, your whole body) in a big fish tank contained with hundreds of fish and they nibble all the dead, hard skin from your feet. Back in England, the fish are a couple of centimetres long. Here, however, they were massive!

We chose our spa wisely. It was only $3 and they served beer while you relaxed. Perfect. Now I’m extremely ticklish and Stef is the total opposite so although I was really eager to do it, I knew that I wouldn’t be able to do it for long, if any time at all.

There were three different tanks – with fish ranging from small to shark size (I may have slightly exaggerated there). As both of us were newbies, we started off with the small fish. At first I put my heels in and instantly, what must have been 40 fish swam over and started nibbling. It was one of the most weirdest feelings I have ever had. I then lowered my whole feet in and dozens more fish came over to have a bit of the action. It was too much to take. It was like a load of midgets tickling your feet. I had to take my feet out. I dipped them in again as I was determined to do it. After a while, the feeling of being tickled stopped and it felt like a massage. It was nice and relaxing. Having mastered the art of having my feet massaged, I sat there with my beer and relaxed.

getting a fish massage

Stef on the other hand, took a LOT longer to get used to it. For some reason, she had now become ticklish. It was hilarious watching her. As we were the only ones using the tank, I’d say 90% of the fish were feasting on me as Stef was just hovering her feet above the water, teasing them. Every now and again, she’d fully submerge her feet, however, as the fish were giving me the attention, only a few were munching on hers. As soon as I noticed that, I would slowly raise my feet out of the water to see them all head to hers like a bunch of hungry piranhas! As soon as they all started nibbling, she’d start laughing and lift her feet out!

After a while, she got used to it and sat back with her beer and relaxed. I on the other hand had decided to upgrade to the larger fish. These were now a few inches in length. They looked like they could suck on your big toe rather than just nibble off the dead skin. They were quite well behaved but Stef stayed with the “tadpoles”. After about 30 minutes, although the fish were still dining on our feet, we decided it was time to leave.

getting a fish massage

Later that night, we went to the Phare Circus. The performers are kids from the town. It’s a charity run organisation and they provide the children with free education and they get to sing, dance and prance around. It’s their version of the BRIT School back in the UK. There aren’t any state run schools here so it’s a great cause.

There were about 6 performers and a band, all looking no older than 20. It followed a story about these kids chasing ghosts (Just think of a Cambodian Scooby Doo) but it also had acrobatics and fire shows throughout. Some of the things they were doing were unbelievable resulting in Stef and I looking at each other in amazement. It lasted an hour but it was so amazing we both wanted the show to last longer. It was well worth the money, especially as you know it goes to a good cause. So if you’re looking for some evening entertainment in Siem Reap, this is a must do!