For the last five days, we made the Motel 7 in Sihanoukville our home. As you can tell by the photo of it, it resembled a motel you’d find travelling America. I booked it to give us a little tease of what’s to come in 4 months. Our impressions of Sihanoukville were good. It reminded us a lot of Patong in Thailand. Good bar life, loads of restaurants and loads of old men with their rented locals.

Motel 7 in Sihanoukville

The weather was very hot and the beach was just on the other side of the road to our motel. The beach was lovely soft sand and there were restaurants and bars that ran parallel it. They all had beach chairs and beds which were free to use as long as you bought your food and drink there. The food and drink was cheap. £1.80 for a big hot dog and chips and the same for a cheeseburger. You can tell that we loved the local food…

The days we spent there were spent topping up our tans. It was like a job. Wake up, get ready, head to the beach, have something to eat, then slowly cook ourselves. The shifts were hard and long, but we managed in the end.

One thing that was good and bad at the same time, were the people selling or begging on the beach. Some had fresh crab and lobster for a few dollars and would even peel it for you. Stef bought 10 small lobsters and ate all but 1, which I was allowed. There were of course many beggars. Mainly the old and the disabled. One “Blind” man was being lead around by his very young daughter whilst he sang. A male sunbather gave him some money and he said straight away “Thank you Sir”. Stef and me looked at each other straight away…we were on to him!

Whilst chilling at the bar one lunchtime, we were approached by a small boy. I’d say he would have been about 6 years old. He was selling handmade bracelets. I made the mistake of making eye contact and straight away he was over. His English was very good. Normally they just thrust the item in your face and say ‘bracelet’, but this boy was good. He gave me some speech about “opening my heart to help him”. I still wasn’t having it. There was a pool table behind us and he wanted to play me. He said that if he won, I’d have to buy one of his $2 bracelets, but if I won, he would give me one for free. Barely tall enough to see over the pool table, he started potting balls. I thought at one stage I was getting hustled, but I put on my game face and thrashed him! Ok, maybe he only had one ball left but a win is a win so take that you 6-year-old child! I gave him the money for a bracelet anyway; I’m not evil! I reckon he would have beat Stef.

playing pool at the Sihanoukville beach bar

One of the nights we spent in a place called Monkey Republic. It was a backpacker’s haven. It sold food and drink and the night we went…it was buy 1 get one free on Jaeger shots. Earlier that day, we’d been given a flyer for there which also entitled us to 2 free beers so you can’t really turn down an offer like that!

Needless to say, jugs of beer were bought and Stef had one too many shots. But like a true gent (and stand in girl-friend) I held her hair back whilst she cuddled the porcelain throne later on at the motel. But all of this happened after she thought she would dress up like a monk in our bed linen and walk around the room!

On our last day at the beach, we were just chilling when a group of young boys with probably the average age of 7, were mucking about with a live crab. One of them placed it on a table near us and another violently pounded it with his fist until it was dead. They approached Stef with it and threw it at her as she was sitting on the bed. She didn’t freak as I thought she would. Shame. It hit her on her bikini top leaving some crab guts on her. Stef threw the dead crab back and all but a few boys remained. One of them approached Stef and rubbed the guts off of her tit. Stef just sat there probably thinking what a nice boy, cleaning up the mess he created. It wasn’t until after that she realised that she had just been touched up by a pervy kid! It was hilarious. Game on to you lad.

I tried to find a crab to try that trick out for myself but couldn’t find one anywhere…