We had a nice little walk to the park today. It was the first time where I didn’t take my phone. We couldn’t find the park and had no Google maps to hand. How did people survive before tech? If only there was some way of creating the Google Maps experience but on some sort of paper which you could fold for ease of use. It was a nice little walk nether the less. On the way back, for dinner, we had some McDonalds. I had a DOUBLE BIG MAC! And Stef had a DOUBLE FILLET O FISH!


It was still cheaper than their smaller UK versions. I was going to have a cheeky McD apple pie for desert but when I saw the other option available, how could I turn it down. Sweet corn pie. Yep. Sweet corn. It tasted as nasty as it sounds and we only managed a mouthful each. I know we haven’t been eating healthy but we’ll soon be heading north and God knows what we’ll have to eat. Spiders, various bugs or maybe some sort of animal most people only have as pets? I say bring it on, but I’m not too sure about Stef’s stomach having the same opinion…. or the toilet.