I’d read that the Chiang Mai Zoo homed a brand new Aquarium that cost £11million to build and had the longest walk through viewing tunnel in Asia so we decided we would go and check it out and see how it compared to the London Aquarium. We rented some bikes and started on our journey.

Chiang Mai Zoo's Aquarium

Once in the zoo, the first enclosure was for the Hippos. You could get right up close to them and actually feed them. I was amazed as I know hippos are very dangerous. There teeth were so long and big and they just stood there, mouths open waiting for you to throw the food in.

After gawping at the hippos for a good ten minutes, we continued on to find the aquarium. Along the way we were met with the usual animals, elephants, giraffes, tigers until we came to the ‘Snow Dome’. Intrigued as to what this could be we purchased tickets and made our way inside. Snow in Thailand?? We were given a small pair of wellies to put on and a big thick red coat. We then got told to go and wait in a room. There were signs on the wall saying it was very cold inside so to keep your coat on at all times. After a short wait we were allowed in. It turned out to be a room filled with snow. They’d build igloos and chairs made form ice. There was also an ice slide you could go down in a rubber ring. The Thai people around us were fascinated – they’d probably never seen snow before and given that they call 26 degree heat their ‘cold winter’ they were all freezing where Bal and I thought it felt like just another day in England! We had to have our picture taken in the igloo just for comedy value!

After leaving the snow dome we found the Aquarium. It was much like any other aquarium we had ever seen, except for two things that really did fascinate us. The first being that outside there were some Koi carp which you could feed yourself. However the strange part was you fed them with a baby’s bottle! The fish were literally going mental for it and the girl feeding them could barely keep hold of the bottle.

feeding koi carp with a bottle


The second was when it came to feeding time for the fish in the viewing tunnel. A diver got into the tank with a bucket of food and the fish just started to swarm him. There was a ray, which must have been about 4 foot wide, and some giant carp type fish, which were probably about 5 foot long, which just lingered behind him. He was a brave man!

After walking round the zoo for almost 5 hours, we decided we’d seen enough animals for the day (plus our feet and legs were aching), so grabbed and bikes and headed to our newly found favourite restaurant in Chiang Mai – 92 Ratchadamnoen for a well deserved feast….oh and to abuse their WIFI!