We awoke in Ko Pha-ngan after our long journey, got ready and opened our door. Bang – we were hit with the most incredible view and could fully understand why the resort was called the Island View Cabana Resort. We felt like we had found paradise! Our cabana was right on the beach; white sand that lead into clear blue sea. Directly opposite us, was a deserted island – Ko Ma. There was a sand bar from our beach to Ko Ma, which meant that you could literally walk across the sea to it, so of course this is exactly what we decided to do.

panoramic view of the beach

The sea was quite rough, so walking across it was challenging at times and meant you couldn’t always see the sand so we went off the pathway, but once we were there it was worth it. There used to be a bar on the island so there were some old benches and a few huts. You could tell from the rubbish that people probably still visited it and had parties sometimes. We wondered round, but the weather turned and was starting to get chilly so we decided to walk back.

Once we got back to our beach, it had clouded over. Although it wasn’t cold, it was cloudy so we decided to go for a walk as there was no chance of getting a tan on this beach! We headed for the Nam Tok Wang Sai – a waterfall. It was a short walk through a field and then we arrived. We felt disappointed as it was a mere trickle, but we saw some people up ahead who were walking over it so we decided to follow suit. It was a rocky climb, but having done two jungle treks now and both times walked up waterfalls, we felt we were pros. Along the way, we heard some noise behind us, as we turned round we saw a man just walking along with a machete, following us! Should we actually be heading this way?? We continued, then saw a skull perched on a rock – what?? Relax, it was just an animal skull and the guy was just chopping coconuts down from the tree, we were scared for a minute though!

panoramic view of the walk

The walk was worth it. We were met with a proper waterfall. Not as big as what we had seen previously, but you could paddle in it and it made for a good photo opportunity.

That evening we spent our time swinging in our hammocks taking in the view – we’re too old for the party scene!