Let me cut to the chase with this entry – we missed our train from Thonburi to our next stop of Kanchanaburi by 4 mins, despite getting up at 5:30am and leaving an hour and half to do a 30 minute journey. No taxi would take us – apparently too far, no trains were running and we couldn’t find the bus we needed. We finally managed to get a cab but the traffic was horrendous – god damn you hard-working Thai’s leaving for work super early and doing exercises in the park at 7am! Yes, we really did see a group of Thai’s in the park at 7am doing an exercise class – that’s commitment.

Now when you miss a train in England it’s simple, you just wait a few minutes, maybe half an hour at the most for the next one. But here, the wait for our next train to our destination was 6 hours! Yes 6 hours and we’re in the middle of nowhere! With little else to do but wait, Barry comes up with the smart idea (yes he does have them sometimes!) of asking the station if they will look after our bags so we can go for a walk. Luckily they say yes, as neither of us fancies walking around with this extra weight for the next 6 hours.

Now remember I said that I hadn’t been feeling well yesterday, well today was no better and I had a bad case of Bangkok belly. Every foreign country tends to have their own version of this but the Bangkok version was the only one that had gotten to me and was getting particularly bad by this point.  After walking around for an hour or so my belly starts gurgling and we opt to find a loo. I’m starting to get a little worried as it’s been two days now and the tablets haven’t worked so I seek advice from our guide book – antibiotics! When I said we were in the middle of nowhere we really were, but what we did have was a huge hospital so another genius idea by Barry (he’s on a role now) is to see if we can get some antibiotics from the pharmacy in there. What can I say, the hospital was amazing. I went straight in, they signed me up and I got seen almost immediately. After a thorough inspection – temperature check, weight, height, prodding and poking, I was diagnosed with Acute Gastritis. I got given 5 different types of medication which obviously had to be paid for – 937baht, which works out to be just £20! We also got the added bonus of talking to a lovely Thai family in the waiting room who knew more about our politics then we did. They even bowed down to Barry when they asked what his occupation was and he told them he was a policeman – literally, the Dad stood up, shook his hand and then bowed down to him (I of course was in with the doctor at this point so he could be making it up).

So we now just had 2 hours left to kill, so after another walk round we headed to the station with plenty of time to spare – didn’t want to miss the train again now did we?

sunset on the train - Kanchanaburi - Thailand

12 hours after we departed Bangkok, we finally arrive in Kanchanaburi. A quaint riverside town, where our room for the next two nights is built on a raft. Gentle swaying included as well as huge beasts in the bathroom! We were presented with the most amazing sunset.