Christmas Day was spent in Patong, Phuket. It was 34 degrees so in the morning we went to the beach. A beach on Christmas Day in Thailand – it was very strange!

My cousin Paul lives in Patong and he had arranged for us to have Christmas dinner with him and all his work friends in an Irish Pub. We weren’t sure what to expect – chicken and rice or a traditional Christmas dinner? Luckily it was a traditional Christmas dinner just minus the pigs in blankets. It even came with a prawn cocktail to start and Christmas pudding for dessert. No crackers or silly hats but lots of alcohol. It cost about £12 per person and they did not skimp on any of the meals. The prawns were massive and plenty!

We then returned to the hotel room and spent the remainder of the night Skyping family and friends whilst knocking back the bottles of the Countries favourite beer – Chang!