We decided to take it easy for today. The first task was to wash some of our clothes – IN A SINK! I now class myself as a traveller, however, Stef did the actual cleaning, I mainly just hung the clothes up. We have a TV in the room with 4 English speaking channels. One being ITV Choice. It’s like the best of ITV but it plays the same FOUR programs over and over. Don’t get me started on the only advert they have, some Michael Buble one. I know the words off by heart. Does my head in and I’m sure Stef is gonna throttle me if I sing the only two words again to his song they play on it…..”Heyyy Michael…”. ARRGGHHH – This TV is a nightmare!

I ventured out on my own to get some lunch and came back with a feast for just under £3! I still can’t get over how cheap things are here. There’s a mall minutes from our hotel and it has vending machines in there that sell cans of Coke for 35p! I’m missing “Rip Off Britain” less and less every day! I also got a freshly made strawberry smoothie for 50p that had fresh fruit and ice. You just can’t say no to things like that. I had no idea what selection of drinks the street vendor had, but I watched what the previous customer had and when it was my turn, just pointed to theirs and made a grunting noise. She understood and started to throw all the fruit in a blender. It’s not about it being cheap, it’s extremely healthy for you and this trip is all about eating healthy……

cheap meal - Bangkok - Thailand

Anyway, for dinner that night we ate KFC. Again. Stef is getting a bit sick of rice and the only way I could get her out of the hotel was the promise of KFC. I sure know the way to a girl’s heart. I got some Texas chicken thing but the most impressive thing was seeing Stef struggle with the spice on her “extra hot and spicy” wings. I’ve never seen her bow down to spice before, but she marched on when her lips had cooled down and she ate them both. I will find something she won’t be able to handle. One day.

On the way back, we bought some drinks. I bought a Lychee one. It had actual pieces of lychees in it. Why does every drink have lumps in???

Lychee drink in Thailand