Today was sort of a chill day. We decided to take a gentle bike ride to Huat Teung Thao, where in a park, there is a large reservoir surrounded by little bamboo huts. It took about an hour to cycle there. It was mainly level roads but the last few hundred meters were hilly. Obviously my toned Olympic grade legs could cope with the gradients, but Stef struggled a bit.

panoramic view of Huat Teung Thao lake

To get into the park was only 40p and to rent a hut was free if you bought some food. Which was lucky as we were both starving after the long ride and we hadn’t had breakfast. The place was empty. I’d say there were about a 100 huts surrounding the water. It was because it is Winter here and it’s too cold for the locals. It’s about 26 degrees! Taking advantage of the nice quiet surroundings, we picked up the menu and decided what to eat.

I was starving so I played it safe. Fried rice and pork. No one can muck that up! Stef on the other hand, chose Raw Shrimp Salad. Just cook them I thought. Is it too much hassle? I do like cold shrimp, but only after they have been cooked first and left to cool down.

After a while, a man came over with a tray. Straight away, I saw mine. It is what I ordered; a plate with rice and pork. It looked lovely and I licked my lips. Stef’s was in a covered bowl. The unknown. She lifts the lid slightly and looks inside. I can’t see what goodies are waiting for her but judging by her face, I know this is camcorder worthy. As you can see from the footage, I’m sure you’ll agree!

Live shrimp. Live. As in walking and jumping around! They were small. Did we have to nurture them till they were full size and then eat them? The man that served them spoke no English and did some hand signal. Neither of us knew what he was going on about. I picked up a shrimp and ripped it’s head off and stuck the body with the flicking legs into my mouth. It was all right. The legs on the way down were sort of like a little throat massage. Not to be cruel, I crushed the head with a spoon to kill it.

Stef followed suit.

Were we eating them correctly? I decided that I would eat a whole one. I picked one up from the bowl. It was wriggling and flicking in between my fingers. It could tell what was going to happen to it. In it went. I could feel it moving around my mouth. I crushed it and gave it a little chew. It had more flavour this time. Maybe the brain had something to do with it. From then on, Stef ate them whole. She had loads of them. I finished my Pork.

We chilled on our little hut for a bit. Stef thrashed me at cards as always. I think she cheats. The hut was right on the edge of the water. You could see fish swimming around, big and small. There were also very friendly dragonflies that did not mind having their photos being taken. There were a few kittens wandering around which came in handy for the left over food!

friendly dragon fly

As always, a woman came over with a basket of goodies for sale; loads of fruit and veg. I dug around and found the jackpot. They looked like maggots. Stef was first to have one. We both agreed that they were disgusting and tasted like manure. We gave them to the kittens!

cooked bugs in Thailand

After spending a lovely chilled out day at the hut, we made our way back to the hotel.

Our last night in Chiang Mai – we had to visit the Saturday Night Market. It was only down the road and it was rammed! It was full of tat. Tulin would have loved it! It felt like we were walking for ages and we had only got to the other end of it! Stef pointed out the police. They were in the middle of the path. Holding up a sign with a collection box. They were begging! I gave them a little cash and posed with them. They could tell I was job.

I found a fruit drink which cured cancer and Stef had a corn on the cob on a stick and some Thai fishcakes from the street vendors.

Gac fruit - cures cancer...

Stef found a stall that sold deep fried insects. How could we possibly turn down this great opportunity? I got a couple of each bug for both Stef and I to experience when we got to the flat. All I can say is watch the below videos – It was honestly the worst thing I have ever tried!

It was a very eventful day and one that our taste buds were not going to forget in a hurry!